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This is going on my tumblr again.

every october

and some of the months in-between

I get it…

when the one ghost turns his head AWW HAHABAHABH<3

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The Parkians

I currently live in the town of Malmö, located in Sweden’s southernmost province: Skåne. When I moved here, I was surprised to discover that Skåne harbors an amazing secret:

In most green areas in Skåne, you can find these tiny litle settlements, inhabited by a species of micro-people. These little people go by many different names throughout Skåne; In Malmö they are referred to as “The Parkians”, since they are mainly found in the towns beautiful vast parks.

The best place to look for a Parkian settlements is in old tree-stumps, preferably a couple of paces away from paths heavily trafficked by humans. The tree-stumps provide the Parkians with good building material, and also tends to give them a good vantage point to command the landscape from. Their constructions vary vastly in size - from small family farms to sprawling towns and cities. Apart from tree-stumps, Parkian dwellings can also be found in the cracks between rocks, on the shore of a calm pond, or even in an abandoned anthill.

Even in the age of the internet, the story of the Parkians still remain one of the world’s great untold stories. I think it’s time to share this amazing story with you guys, so I took my camera on a stroll to take some pictures. Here you go!

( The topmost photo was taken by my friend and co-worker Lars Vincent )

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I want to see how many safe witchcraft blogs there are out there


Reblog if you can be civil while discussing witchcraft. This means you can have a debate without turning it into an argument, restrain yourself from cursing anyone and everyone who disagrees with you, and respect the opinions, beliefs, and crafts of other people.

This means…

"Never grow a wishbone, daughter, where your backbone ought to be."

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{ the scent of autumn time }

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Sheep skull.

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The leaves are now turning from green to gold…

Rosemary is beautiful because it’s so versatile. It’s anti-microbial, so it makes a great face wash. Its got women’s empowerment properties to it: burn it before community gatherings for cohesion, sleep with it under your pillow during times of great life changes, cook with it to feel sexually empowered and vibrant. Wear it in your hair to remind the world that you are beautiful because you have personal power (not despite it). A fantastic plant that grows all over.