Tous les esprits bievenus

Princess of wolves, forest spirit.
Tea maker and herbal healer.
Lavender queen and moon daughter.

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2010 (11) tb by Sally Jane Vintage on Flickr.


Galileo’s sketches from Sidereus Nuncius (1610), the first published scientific work based on observations made through a telescope

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Welcome To The Oak and Willow Network!
This is a network for magical beings wanting to meet like minded people also of magical nature!Rules:
Mbf the admin (me) - here
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You don’t have to be a purely magic blog but must post some element of magic whether it be wiccan/fantasy art/fae/magical things/lotr
Head on over to network blog here and click apply and follow the prompts! :)
Must be prepared to follow other members and talk to them and make new friends!
SO why join?
Meet like minded people and discover new blogs
New followers 
Promos and other things whenever you ask of them
Be apart of a magical realm!
You get to choose to be any magical creature/being you want and picture will be displayed on the network of what you chose!
Each Member will be sent a free magical necklace in the mail to symbolize your membership! (more details if you are accepted. OPTIONAL - if you don’t feel comfortable sending me your address then that’s fine)
i will be choosing 15-20 blogs once the website is done. It is still under construction.  I want this to be a good network so once i’ve finished working on it i will choose members then! :)
Goodluck!! x

» Jongsun Park


Abandoned home in the ghost town of Shaniko, Oregon. - Brendon Burton

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lets see, what was that creature…..?


River Castle, Kunětice, Czech Republic 
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"Whosoever is delighted in solitude is either a wild beast or a God."

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Always drawing on covers. #FieldNotesBrand